Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ugliest Wedding Cake Ever

OK, I so have no time to write this, but it's too awful not to share!

Via Manolo's Shoe Blog, I recently revisited this site, devoted to ugly bridesmaid dresses, to see if they'd posted anything new.

What I found was the Ugly Cake Story, which is so heartbreaking I'm going to repost the relevant photos here.

This is the cake that the bride wanted:

Now, this cake does not suit my personal style -- I tend more toward flowery or minimalist wedding cakes -- but I can fully appreciate that it is a perfectly nice-looking cake. It is not what I would choose, but it certainly is impressive, and I cannot blame any woman for bringing this photo to her baker and asking for a replica of this exact cake. Which is what the bride in question did.

Unfortunately, the baker in question was apparently something of a shikker, and this is the cake that actually ended up on display at the reception . . .

The cake they received:

Look at it. Look at it. It is the stuff of nightmares. I especially like how none of the lines are straight, not of the cake nor of the decorations, and the way the red stripe on the bottom layer has that ugly part where the ends overlap. The whole thing is so bad, I can't stop looking at it.

Now, if you want an excellent cake baked for you in Jerusalem, for any kind of party, visit the site of my dear friend Rachel Miskin, the most super-fantastic cake baker/decorator this side of the Tayelet! Rachel baked the cake for the bridal shower I threw for my friend Chava, and it was exquisite and delicious.

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