Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Chayyei Sarah's musical interlude, brought to you by Eurovision and the 1970's

I've been meaning to share these for a while, and now the time has come. No special reason, just "because."

1. Via Shimmy, who found it via Avraham Bronstein, here is a video of the 1979 performance by the German group Dschinghis Khan at Eurovision, which was held that year in Jerusalem. Something tells me that Mordechai Ben David's song "Yidden" may have been "inspired" (lifted) by this performance.

As Shimmy says, brace yourselves.

2. I got an email a few weeks ago alerting me to this very useful site (for those who can read Hebrew), which provides the lyrics to all those Israeli songs they sing at the Independence Day sing-alongs, which we immigrants don't know. The songs are split into categories such as "holidays," "wars," "songs from movies," "children's songs," etc. And here, they have the lyrics to every Israeli entrance at Eurovision from 1973-2005, and video clips for almost every one (links for the videos are in the paretheses, after the name of the artist).

My personal favorites are "Kahn" (1991), "Chai" (1983 - poor Ofra Haza. She was so beautiful), and "Hora" (1982). But if you do nothing else, you must - must I say - get out your platform shoes and click on "Abanibi" (1978). It's groovy, man.

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