Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bloggers stepping up to the plate

Three of the "blogs I wish were updated more often" (see blogroll to the right ----->) have been updating more often!

My sister has been blogging up a storm recently. Read her never-to-be-humble opinions here.

Rich Brownstein has been gone a while, but makes up for it with a 20,000-word manifesto on the disengagement. Lots of interesting material. Most people will agree with some and disagree with some. Please be respectful when commenting -- Rich is one of my favorite Shabbat hosts. And yes they really do have both blue (pro-disengagement) and orange (anti-disengagament) ribbons hanging from their car. As indicated in his manifesto, Rich's wife Sara has very different opinions from his. Somehow they manage to stay married. They could give achdut (unity) lessons to the rest of us.

Nice Jewish Girl put up a new post a few hours ago. This is one very spiritual and very conflicted chycky.

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