Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hey, it can't hurt

I just got this announcement via email (translated to English by moi, but without the Biblical verses):

With the help of God
In light of the painful situation of many many
who have not yet established a home and family
we call upon the community to participate
Together we will pray and request the removal of the obstacles and delays
and that we will soon be blessed with the voice of the bridegroom and voice of the bride.

The prayers, with participation of rabbis, will take place with God's help
Monday October 10
At 6:30 pm at the Western Wall plaza
The nusach of the tefillah will be advertised here soon.

With God's help this year we will all meet for happy occasions
May you be written and inscribed for good

So the question is, do I attend the prayer for singles, or do I attend the piano concert at my neighbor's house?


I forgot! My friends are having a chanukat habayit (housewarming party) tomorrow. Guess that answers that question. But those of you who live in or near Jerusalem: head thee to the Kotel tomorrow to pray for me and all your other favorite singles!

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