Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sukkot Happenings

This is the first year that I am a) in Israel for Sukkot and b) not sick. And so I went through Billboard, the entertainment guide inserted weekly in the Jerusalem Post, to check out events for the week. Since many Israelis have a lot of time off from work, and all kids are off from school, there is a lot going on.

For the benefit of those who are here, I'm sharing some details of events I might attend, since perhaps you'd be interested, too. And for those who are abroad . . . poor you! You should have come to Israel for the holiday!

  • The International Tango Festival will be performing (and giving Tango lessons) in various Israeli cities from October 19-25. The JPost did not give the dates/times for any specific city, and the number they gave (03 602 4020) is a fax number. I did some Googling and found an alternative number to call. If/when I hear back with a detailed schedule, I'll probably post it here.
  • The annual sukkot ICON Festival (science fiction, fantasy, imagination) is taking place at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. Damsels in distress, trolls, orcs, and knights will be performing throughout the day, and there will be films, workshops, lectures, etc. Information here. I sent in an email asking for a detailed schedule of workshops and other "featured events." Again, details (probably) to come if I get them. Meanwhile it sounds like a good time can be had simply by showing up there and seeing what's going on!
  • The Archeological Gardens in the Old City will have performances, food, and fairs connected to the Biblical-era tradition of going to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices on the holiday of Sukkot. There will be "farmers" and "priests" walking around and performing, and an open-air market selling spices, oils, perfumes, and other Biblical-type things. 10 NIS entrance fee. The phone number to call for information is (according to the JPost) 02 627 7962
  • Wednesday night (tomorrow!) there will be a Saw You at Sinai singles party from 8:30-10 in the German Colony. I am pretty sure you have to be a member of SYAS to be invited, but sign-up is free, so why not? There will be shadchanim at the party as well. Event is from 8:30-10.
  • Various kite-flying events (kite-making workshops, kites to buy, and lawns to use them on) at the Botanical Gardens on Thursday October 20 from 9-3. Information: 02 679 4012.
  • The poetry magazine Mashiv Haruach is sponsoring an event at which will be shown a series of student films about the observance of Shabbat in Israel, followed by a panel discussion. Jerusalem Cinematheque, Oct. 20, 4 pm. Information here. Phone number given in JPost: 02 625 2651. Phone number given on website for ordering tickets: 02 565 4333 (Note: I recently discovered the hard way that the Cinematheque reserves tickets in advance only to members. Non-members must come 20 minutes before the show and hope there are still seats. I'm not sure what the situation is with this particular program. Just warning you, the tickets may not be reservable.)
  • Who knew there is a science museum in Jerusalem? And they have an exhibit going on called "Toys and Physics." Sounds like my kind of program. Their hours vary; phone number according to JPost is 02 654 4888. The Bloomfield Science Museum is in Givat Ram.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: THE JPOST MESSED UP THE DATE OF THE "SHLOMO FESTIVAL." It is not taking place on October 24 (which is Erev Yom Tov) but rather this Sunday, October 23, from 4pm-midnight, in Moshav Me'or Modiin. Concerts with music by Shlomo Carlebach, crafts, food, storytelling, etc. I've seen posters for this all over Jerusalem; looks like it will be a huge event. Rides from Jerusalem can be organized by calling 054-687-8217. Tickets are 80 NIS at the gate, or 60 NIS with advance reservation. To make advance reservations, call 03-527 6677 (for groups of 1-4) or 052-473-7156 (for groups of 5 or more).
  • FYI, three movies I've been wanting to see are playing this week at the Malcha Mall Globus movie theater: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit; The 40-year-old Virgin; and Mary Poppins (with Hebrew dialogue). If you are interested in seeing any of these with me let me know!

To all those readers who are celebrating Sukkot this week, have a very happy holiday.

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