Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

A couple of weeks ago, I got a notice that a package is waiting for me at the post office. Well, I finally made time to go get it. And guess what? It was a birthday present! From a reader whom I don't know! But now he's one of my favorite people!

So, thanks very very much to Aaron K. of San Francisco, for sending me "Billie Holiday: The Ultimate Collection"! I'm so excited! This is so great! I love presents!

And for those who are jealous of Aaron's personal mention on Chayyei Sarah: The Blog, remember, there are plenty of possible (belated) birthday gift ideas to go around. (wink wink)

In fact, now that I'm studying at Pardes, I will add a couple of other things I'm coveting, namely books I still need for my classes. If anyone can give or loan me any of these, I'd be extremely grateful, and of course you can consider yourself as having a share in any "merit" I earn from my Torah study:
  • Torat Chayyim on Sefer Shmot (A friend has offered to loan me a copy but I would like my own, eventually)
  • Frank -- Practical Talmud Dictionary(ditto)
  • Jastrow's Aramaic-English dictionary
  • Steinzalz reference guide to gemara (I think about this book and just drool)

And now a little personal update.

What the Chayyei is:
Learning in gemara class and enjoying very much
Reading (in Hebrew translation, very very slowly)
Writing about (link is just a hint; you'll have to wait for the article)
Trying to get an interview with on very short notice
Pitching a story to (if it succeeds you'll be the first to know)
Volunteering for a little
Thinking about
Not thinking about . . . definitely not thinking about . . .
Supposed to be learning but I haven't been practicing
Attempting to follow, with respectable success (this was actually inspired by an assignment, an example of life imitating art!)
Listening to later (thanks again, Aaron!)

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