Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Woman of Many Talents

I'm not just a writer and reporter, but also an editor! See, you learn something new every day. Now and then I pick up an assignment to copy-edit a brochure, long article, or series of articles. I enjoy it because it gives me a feeling of self-righteousness to know that my knowledge of grammar and punctuation is so much better than most people's that some folks are willing to pay me for my expertise . . . . It sure is lonely up here at the top. Anyhow, here's a link to a piece I copy-edited for a journal put out by the Lookstein Center for Education at Bar Ilan University; it's basically a trade journal for teachers of Judaic Studies. This piece is from an issue they ran about teaching Hebrew as a second language.

Remember that I have absolutely nothing to do with the content, only the spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow, internal consistency, and clarity of ideas. :-) But I do think it is very cool that if you use the three middle fingers of each hand to indicate "three," and put them together, you have two letter shins - which form the Hebrew word for six . . . get it? Two times three is six? Shesh? Two shins? Pretty cool.

I also edited another story in that issue, the one by Professor Wohl, but it's not available online to those without a password. It's too bad because it was very interesting to see how his instructional methods converge with, and diverge from, bar-Lev's.

When you are a freelance journalist/writer/editor you get to learn so many interesting things.

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