Friday, November 04, 2005

My Latest Cover Feature

At long last, it's finally been published - my feature story about Meir "Magic Michael" Tulkoff, a "humor therapist" at various children's hospitals in Israel, and easily one of the nicest people I've ever met. Michael hails from Baltimore, and the story appears in his home-town Jewish magazine, the Baltimore Jewish Times (thus the rather "heimish" tone when discussing local Baltimore references). To see the photo that appears on the cover, click here and scroll down (will probably disappear in a week, so go now!).

One of the reasons I love working for the Baltimore Jewish Times (among many) is that they always give me plenty of room to cover a subject comprehensively. Sometimes I'm actually astonished at how much room they give me. Part of me feels like this story runs a little too long, but part of me is really glad that I got to fit in all the points about Michael, his work, and his life that I wanted to fit in. It always hurts a little when I have to cut out material that meant a lot to me.

So, thanks to the BJT for the assignment and the space, and to everyone at the hospitals who gave me access to their patient wards, and especially to Michael, whom I enjoyed meeting immensely. He's really a very special guy.

Here's what I think and hope is a permanent link.

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