Saturday, May 06, 2006

Exciting Development!

On Thursday, there was a much-anticipated envelope in my mailbox, with the Hebrew words for "Ministry of Transportation" written in the corner. It was my Israeli driver's license! The real one, the plastic one, that doesn't expire until 2015!

Sure, my picture makes me look like a zombie who was kept in deep freeze for 6 months and then warmed over on a hot plate, but hey, I can now rent a car and hit the road with no problem! Except worrying about the crazy road conditions here!

The truth is, the chances of my renting a car anytime soon are slim. Most places I need to go in this country, it is much cheaper to take a bus, since I'm just one person. But now I have the option of putting together a group of friends, renting a "zimmer" in the Galil, and going on a proper vacation. Having options feels great, even if you don't use them.


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