Sunday, June 11, 2006

Does this happen to anyone else?

OK, I'm about to admit something really weird.

You know how stress manifests itself in our bodies? For example, if you are feeling a lot of stress, you might hunch your shoulders; if you are stressed all the time, eventually your neck with hurt, you'll need massage therapy, whatever.

Some people, when they are experiencing more sadness or anger than they can really handle, get painful headaches, or twitch their fingers, or bite their lip. Maybe there's a reason that we say that if someone is angry, they are "seeing red." Perhaps some people really do!

Personally, when I'm really upset -- as in, sad or a mixture of sad and angry-- I literally get a lump in my throat. Well, not really in my throat, more like the top of my mouth, towards the back. If it hurts there, I know I'm waaaaaay sad about something.

Well, lately I've picked up a new physical expression of stress! (For only $19.95!)

It is my new "angry over the injustice of the world and pig-headedness of other people" symptom. Happens mostly when I read newspaper stories or annoying blog posts about events in the Middle East, but sometimes when I encounter some other issue that sets off my "the world is going insane and I can do nothing to fix it!" bells.

I literally get a tingling sensation on the left side of my head. It's like the synapses in my brain are firing so fast, that they shoot some outside my skull, and my skin starts to feel it. It's the stuff of cartoons: The character who gets so angry that his head starts to shoot sparks, and then explodes.




OK, that was a strange topic for a blog post!

What are YOUR physical expressions of anger or sadness?

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