Friday, June 30, 2006

Great Service Gets Rewarded

After seeing his services advertised on the Nefesh B'Nefesh list, I recently hired Daniel Zahavi-Asa of ZahaviNet, Ltd. ("care for your small office/home office networks") to fix various computer troubles I was having. It was mostly things that I could have done myself, being somewhat computer savvy, but it took him a lot less time to do it, and he did it better than I would have, and time is money.

He installed my wireless router, so yes, I can now work on my laptop anywhere in my apartment. He configured the laptop to receive my email, so yes!, I can now work on my laptop and email files to clients, without having to go to Emek Refaim Street (you may note that I've owned this router for a year, and the laptop for a year and a half, and never bothered tweaking it so it would actually be useful to me -- that's how annoying this job seemed to me). He showed me how to painlessly move files from my desktop to my laptop. He gave me advice about where to buy a new printer and a new monitor. And -- this was his idea -- he mounted my 2 power strips to the back of my desk, so they are off the floor! My workspace looks so much neater now!

All in all, Daniel did a great job, in very little time, and was a true mensch. I recommend him highly. If you live in the Metro-Jerusalem area and need a "solution" for your small office problems, give him a call. The number is 057-726-5175.

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