Thursday, July 13, 2006

A little diversion

Since thinking about the actual important stuff going on right now, like, oh, say, war with Lebanon, is too depressing to think about, I'm going to pretend not to be thinking about it, OK? And you are welcome to come along and pretend with me. We'll all pretend together to be oblivious, OK?

Now. Here is what I'm posting about. Most of the 300 or so people who come to this blog every day do so either because they already knew about it, or they were following a link from another blog. But many come because they were Googling something, and were directed here. You might think they find Chayyei Sarah when they are searching for information about daily life in Israel. Well, you might think wrong. I've got a list here of the most common Google search terms that lead people to my humble blog. These terms indicate which issues are on the minds of a lot of people, or at least so much on the mind of one person that he or she Googles it over and over again.


1. ugly wedding cake or ugliest wedding or some variation thereof. It is unbelievable to me just how many people out there are choosing to waste their time by looking for pictures of ugly wedding cakes or ugly bridesmaid dresses.

2. Gali girls. Remember my post about the little-girl Jewish dolls? That post brings me at least 1-2 readers every day.

3. My sister Sarah Beth's hot best friend. I'm not going near this one. Either there is just one 13-year-old boy somewhere who is very persistent about stalking a particuluar girl, whose name he doesn't even know, or else there are a lot of folks with a sister named Sarah Beth, whose best friend is hot.

4. Natalie Portman diet. Well, I'd guess she's on one. She's vegetarian, we know that much. And she looks like she eats nothing but celery. Why are so many people interested in this?

5. dating men in their 30's or dating men in their 40's or men in their 40's who date women in their 20's or creepy men in their 50's dating or women in their 30's can't get a date etc etc. This post was controversial, but it's sure paid off.

6. erotic massage Israel. If you came looking for something, uh, a little more, I'm sorry you were directed here.

7. shlomi Israel. I'm #2 in the Google results! Read all about my short visit to Shlomi, here! You'd think Shlomi is a major tourist center!

8. I have no idea how they found it, but a lot of Orlando Bloom fans are intent on seeing this picture. I can't blame them. Mmm. Yummy.

9. meaningful thoughts. Believe it or not, my blog comes up as the #2 result on Google. What does that mean?


OK, enough meaningful thoughts for today then.

Time to go back to worrying. Cheers.

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