Sunday, July 02, 2006

Two more small updates

1- My mother is now home, after being in the hospital for two months. First she had an FMF attack. Then she broke her shoulder. While she was in the hospital dealing with those things, she got a massive infection (you know, because hospitals are full of germs; she frequently gets massive infections when she's in already in the hospital). After a week of that, she theoretically could have gone home, except that the antibiotics she was on can only be administered through IV, and she couldn't do that herself, because she can't move one arm very well.

But now she's home, and she sounds like she's doing OK. Still can't raise her arm very high, but hopefully the physical therapy will help with that. Her orthopedists (2 opinions) were a bit pessimistic about the chances that she'll ever regain full movement in her right arm. We'll just have to wait and see how much the arm improves.

2- I bought a new printer today! After many months of not having a functional printer, I'm back in the game. You know, because it's a little hard for a professional writer to live without a printer. It's very pretty. Has a flatbed scanner and fax machine, too. I'm so happy.

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