Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bounty of Spain

The International Jewish Bloggers' Conference tonight was interesting and fun; more about that another time.

Meanwhile, I've been tagged by ADDeRabbi for the "Bounty of Spain" meme, so here are five things I personally "import" from my home country of the United States of America:

1- Clothes. In the five years I've lived in Israel, I've bought about 3 clothing items here (not counting sandals and boots, of which I've bought many pairs). I go clothes shopping when I visit the States. Part of the problem is that the clothing here is cheaply made and the fashions have a slightly different "look" to which I have not (yet?) personally acclimated. But the more pressing issue is that I do not know where to find flattering clothing in my size, whereas in the USA I know exactly where to go and what to try on.

2- Makeup products and multivitamins, which are available in Israel but at twice the price. In a pinch I buy it here.

3- Oil of Olay and Noxema - Not sold in Israel that I've ever seen.

4- English-language books and magazines - available in Israel, but at much higher prices (if bought new) and in less variety. Oh, how I miss Borders and Barnes & Noble. Oh, oh how I miss them!

5- Q-tip brand q-tips. Because . . . well, quality q-tips just make me feel better. If I run out of the American ones, I buy Israeli ones, but . . . it's just not the same!

I also bought my laptop in the States, long after I made Aliyah. But that was a mistake. My new policy is to buy technology here in Israel, so that the warranty will allow for repairs to be made locally, or exchanges if it comes to that. It's ridiculous to have to mail a laptop back to the US for repair, or to not be able to get a part right away because they won't mail it abroad. It's not worth the money you save getting it more cheaply in the US.

There is, however, one more thing I would really love from the States, which I couldn't find there on my last trip, to my great disappointment: Entenmann's brand cupcakes. I would do anything for the ooey gooey goodness which is an Entenmann's cupcake.

Do they still exist? I looked everywhere.


I am now adding a new section of my own to this meme: Five items whose Israeli versions I love better than the American ones (if you can even get them in America):

1- Hummus

2- Persimmons

3- Cell phone service

4- Health Care

5- Armenian tiles


And now, I tag the following people to do this meme:
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