Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, what SHOULD Israel do?

Interesting and savvy change of tactics by the senior negotiator for the Palestinians.

So, here are Israel's choices vis-a-vis the Palestinians of the West Bank (or whatever you want to call the Arabs who live in Judea and Samaria, and live under Israeli sovereignty but don't have citizenship).

Please let me know which you'd vote for, and why, taking into account which options are most plausible. Please keep the discussion civil. Anything I deem to be not civil will be deleted without explanation or apology.

1- Status quo indefinitely, until something miraculous changes, or Israel is beaten in a war. Or just, forever.

2- Try to convince Jordan to re-absorb their former citizens, and force the Palestinians into Jordan (probably won't happen because Jordan won't agree, and Palestinians won't go quietly, but it's theoretically an option).

3- Try to convince Jordan to take over control of most of Judea and Samaria, giving the settlers there Jordanian citizenship (rumor has it that this, or #4 below, has been tried when Israel negotiated the Jordan peace treaty, and Jordan refused. However I've only heard this on the rumor mill and never saw it in a newspaper report).

4- Same as three, but settlers are withdrawn from the territories

5- Give Israeli citizenship to the West Bank Palestinians, essentially creating a bi-national state

6- Give Palestinian Authority control over West Bank (ie Palestinian State), negotiating Palestinian citizenship for the settlers.

7- Same as 6, but withdraw settlers from the territories

8- Write in your own idea (must be realistic at least by some stretch of imagination, and not include genocide)

What's your pick?

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