Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Post I Feel Like Writing This Morning

Happy Purim! This is such a great day. I love Purim. The birds are singing, there are musical vans driving around the streets, people are giving me cookies and cake, and later I'm going to see my cute little haredi cousins and have more cookies and cake. Yay!

And, I just drank a VERY BIG cup of coffee. I feel so alive! Life is fantastic!

The Post I Felt Like Writing Last Night

Four worst holidays to be a single, childless Orthodox adult:

#4: Chanukah. It's 80% a children's holiday.

#3: Purim. See above, but without the pretty candles.

#2: Yom Kippur. Same prayers every year. Every. year.

#1: Rosh Hashanah. See above, but without the fast and holy white clothing to elevate the day.

Best holiday to be a single, childless Orthodox adult:

#1: Passover! Cleaning goes smoothly and then you just show up at someone else's Seder with a bottle of wine and a box of matza, ready to be religious. Meaningful and pretty easy!

God, I love coffee.

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