Sunday, March 01, 2009

We're Saved!

I can't tell you how depressed I've been the last few days, trying to work out where I'll live next month. Since the landlord was raising the rent by 300 NIS - waaaay above market rate -- and doing it primarily to force us out because he doesn't like us, we were all set to move out. Well, Liza was. If she was moving out anyhow, she wanted to go to a neighborhood that had more of the bus lines she needed. Unfortunately, none of them are neighborhoods I'm willing to live in, if I can help it. So it meant splitting up. In fact Liza went today to see an apartment in another neighborhood, and had decided that unless our current landlord changes his mind in the 11th hour, she would call tomorrow and take the other place. She'd then move out in a few days.

I'd been afraid of this: having to choose between finding a new roommate (AGAIN), who may or may not turn out to be very annoying ... or living on my own (AGAIN) which we've already established isn't so healthy for me. I did research about rents in my area, and as I'd feared, the most I could afford, if I live on my own, is a studio (AGAIN) which would mean hosting Shabbat meals in my bedroom (AGAIN).

I walked around all day today with a feelings of dread and helplessness.

And then, finally finally, our next-door neighbors, whom we like a lot, and who own their apartment, called the landlord and told him that we are really nice people -- good, quiet, friendly neighbors -- and they strongly suggest that he not raise the rent by so much that we have to move out.

I guess the idea that we are nice people was new to him, and gave him some pause, because he called me up and said that he'll raise the rent by 100 nis, not 300 nis. Liza and I agreed that it's worth paying 50 nis more per month each, to avoid moving out.

Thank God Thank God Thank God Thank God Thank God Thank God!!!!!!!!



The forces of reason have triumphed over those of small-mindedness! Whoo hoo!!!!

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