Thursday, September 09, 2004

Deja vu all over again

Is it just me, or has this article about J-blogs in tomorrow's Jewish Week appeared before? I could swear I've seen it already, or most of it, if not in the Jewish Week then elsewhere.

If the Jewish Week is going to reprint or republish articles, they should at least correct outdated information, such as this sentence:

Weiss was hired recently as a staff writer at The Forward and now keeps a blog there (

As we all know, Weiss no longer works at The Forward, and he no longer maintains the Fiddish blog.

Another article on their site for tomorrow's paper is clearly old news. It's an article about the lawsuit by some Israeli-American victims of terror against the Arab Bank. The article says the lawsuit was filed "last week," but I can tell you it was filed weeks ago; it was covered in the Israeli press.

What's up with the JW? Are these articles truly in tomorrow's paper or is it a glitch on the website?

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