Sunday, September 26, 2004

Lord, my load is heavy

A few things I can tolerate in a date, though I do not prefer them:

  • Physical disability (depending on various factors)
  • baldness
  • hairy back
  • bad dresser
  • a little too serious, not much sense of humor
  • a little too geeky
  • skinny to the point of puniness
  • can't spell (if his math skills make up for it) :-)
  • wears a little too much cologne (if it's a good cologne) :-)

A few things I cannot tolerate in a date:

  • having a female roommate
  • making up one's own kulot and heterim
  • talking for 2 hours and 45 minutes of a 3-hour date
  • having absolutely nothing positive to say, about anything
  • trying to kiss me on a first date, before knowing whether I'm shomer negiah
  • scary driver
  • no neck
  • says "oh, you went to the Barnyard, heh heh heh"
  • overpowered by a bad cologne that makes me want to puke
Feel free to share your own lists (be you male or female) in the comments section. Just please, nothing that would identify specific people. Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. Looking at this list now in 2012, I'm sort of surprised . . . some of the "just tolerable" items are now things I really don't care about at all, one way or the other . . . but wow there are so many things I'd add to the second list!