Sunday, September 26, 2004

I just want to say that I feel a little bad that my first Yom Kippur post, below, was about dating complaining instead of, oh, repentance. It just turned out that way. I really did have a meaningful Yom Kippur, thought about lots of self-improvement-related things, enjoyed my new shule tremendously . . . . overall, a good experience, for a fast day in which we talk constantly about our nothingness in comparison to God's omnipotence. Very much looking forward to Sukkot, my favoritest holiday! I bought my own lulav and etrog this year, for the first time. I might not have a porch on which to build a sukkah, but by golly, I'm not going to scrounge around for my friend's-sister's-husband's-friend's-brother's lulav and etrog. Chayyei Sarah deserves to perform the mitzva of lulav and etrog every day of the holiday if she wants, husband or no husband. I'm gonna start racking up those heavenly brownie points now, in preparation for next Yom Kippur. :-)

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