Monday, September 06, 2004

So I took this online quiz, called "Which America-hating minority are you?" thinking it would be interesting to see what comes up, given that I happen to feel quite a lot of affection for America, along with some healthy skepticism and criticism for some of its policies.

I suppose the quiz caught onto the "Americans are loud, ill-mannered, uneducated, and uncosmopolitan" attitude which I absorbed from my European mother, because here is my quiz result:

I am European

Which America Hating Minority Are You?

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Ah, well, you can take the girl away from her Hungarian chandelier and "this isn't apple strudel, it's apple cake" home, but you can't take the European snootiness out of the girl.

Of course, the American part of me thinks that Europeans should just get over themselves.

Welcome to two of my personalities. No wonder I never get any work done.

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