Sunday, October 31, 2004


For as long as I’ve been using the internet to update friends about my goings-on, the week in which we read Parshat Chayyei Sarah has been a time of reflection and celebration in CS-land. Every year (almost) there has been a quiz, a chance for you, my dear readers, to prove your knowledge of Chayyei Sarah: The Life and for me, Sarah, to indulge in serious narcissism. I skipped last year because I’d just moved to Israel and the blog wasn’t up yet, but now I’m settled in, so here we go again! Hold on to your hats!

Most of the following questions are answered in my posts on this very blog or by following links provided on my blog. A few might include information you’d only know if you know me in person, but even in those cases, serious fans should be able to deduce the correct answers. If not, well, I guess my non-virtual friends will just have an edge, then.

Send your answers to me at chayyeisarah at yahoo dot com with your name and, if applicable, your website. Those with the most correct answers will receive a special mention on Chayyei Sarah: The Blog.

Please, post no comments about the quiz until after the winner is announced. If you have questions about the quiz content, send me an email.



1. Which of the following has NOT happened to me since my aliyah?

a. Broke a lease after my apartment turned out to have extensive water damage and noxious fumes
b. Quit my first job because my boss was, shall we say, not creating an ideal working environment
c. So many men knocking down my door, I don’t know what to do with them all.
d. Amazing job in my field fell into my lap without my having to search for it.

2. Of which of the following books/movies/TV series am I NOT a near-rabid fan?

a. Star Wars
b. Star Trek
c. Harry Potter
d. Lord of the Rings
e. The Matrix

3. What is my official response to questions about Luke Ford?
a. His comments amuse me.
b. His comments embarrass me.
c. Anything that increases traffic to Chayyei Sarah can’t be bad.
d. No comment.

4. Which of the following is NOT a friend from the “Old Country” who is now living in Israel?
a. Ari and Sarah Beth
b. Beth and Simcha
c. Chava
d. Yael
e. Judah

5. How is my Hebrew?
a. Started Ulpan at level aleph, now on level Bet.
b. Started Ulpan on level bet, now on level gimmel.
c. Started Ulpan on level gimmel, now on level daled
d. Started Ulpan on level daled, now on level heh.
e. Started Ulpan at level gimmel, now on level vav

6. Approximately how much money does Israel’s Income Tax Authority owe me, as far as they’ve estimated so far?
a. Under 5k NIS
b. 5k-10k NIS
c. 10k-20k NIS
d. 20k-30k NIS
e. 30k-40k NIS

7. The weekend course for which I often volunteer in the States and plan to bring to Israel is:
a. IOU
b. ILU
c. TLC
d. SNL
e. UYO


8. Amir, the hairstylist
9. Shabi, the makolet owner
10. Ephi, my friend
11. Orlando Bloom
12. “Garden State”


13. I attended Columbia College.
14. I got my MA from Columbia Journalism.
15. I hired someone to help me clean my one-room apartment.
16. I’ve been living without an oven for the past 15 months.
17. I’m so right-wing, I make Ariel Sharon look like Tommy Lapid.
18. I am so left-wing, I make Tommy Lapid look like Ariel Sharon.


19. Name at least 3 objects I mailed to Odd Todd.

20. In at least 3o words, describe my sister's cooking abilities. Give at least 2 examples.

21. Why are my parents selling their house and moving to Ohio?

22. In the world according to Chayyei Sarah, who are the Veela?

EXTRA CREDIT/ TIE BREAKER: What is my last name, and how do you know?