Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Where does Kerry plan to go from here?

So, Frum Dad has created a new blog, Frum Dad Gets Political, to house his "post so off-topic, I gave it my own blog." The post is entitled "I'm Frum. I'm voting for Kerry. Why you should, too." I'll leave it up to Chayyei Sarah readers to go over there to read, absorb, think carefully, and comment.

I've made no secret of my support for Kerry, though I've never bothered posting here why I plan to vote for him (and still have no plan to do so).

However, there is one thing about Kerry that I'm wondering, a gaping hole in my knowledge, about which I'd appreciate information from my readers.

My question is: if Kerry wins, what are his plans for Iraq going forward?

Meaning, regardless of whether he thinks the war against, and occupation of, Iraq are justified, now that the US has in fact waged that war and is in fact occupying Iraq, what would Kerry do about it?

He must have spoken about this but I've missed it. Please educate me - it's an important issue to me and to the US, obviously.

Please don't reply to this question unless you know what Kerry has actually said he'll do. No "I imagine he would . . . . " or "Based on his overall platform, I think he would . . . "

I want to hear from people who can say "I read in the New York Times in September that he said . . . " or, even better, "I was at one of his speeches and heard him say . . . "

Thanks, CS readers!

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