Tuesday, October 19, 2004

These are the people in my neighborhood

The great thing about spending a whole month in one's home country is the opportunity to see old friends and meet new people. I'd like to acknowledge them . . .

I got to see Jennifer and Ezra, my college and high school friends, respectively, who married each other. Their 3 girls are adorable.

Efrex and The Lovely Wife (tm) who graciously allowed me to make a 2-hour conference call on their phone . . .

My "mom in New York," Shelley, who opened up her second bedroom to me so I'd have a home base and wouldn't have to shlep all my stuff all over the tri-state area . . .

I met Esther! We went for coffee! She is every bit as funny and smart and beautiful and wonderful as she comes across in her writing! (Yeah, I know . . . "too bad she's not a guy . . . ")

I shopped in Talbots on Broadway in the 80's and saw Veronica, my awesome awesome saleslady. (Note to potential mates: I really do hate shopping, except in this store, which even when I lived in New York I visited maybe twice a year. And even in this store, my strategy is this: I go straight to the sales racks and pick up one of each thing in my size. I try them on. I buy what looks nice. If it's not on sale, I do not even look at it. It does not enter my consciousness unless it is on sale. I bought about $650 worth of clothes for $296. Go Talbots! Go 40-60% Off sales! Go me! Go, pretty clothes!)

Dinner with Jenn B., who took me out to My Most Favorite. Thanks Jenn! You are great!

Jessica Q., who also allowed me to make a conference call from her house (why all the conference calls, you ask? Because I thought I was going to UYO as an assistant, and we had pre-UYO "meetings" on the phone). Thanks, Jess! See you again on Wednesday! Love you, baby!

I stopped at the offices of a magazine with whom I've published several articles (including one about UYO - and I can send you a PDF of that if you want one. Just email me.), and finally got to meet my editor, Joanna. She is really cool. And she told me that I'm one of their favorite writers. Go me!

Lunch with Rachael B. in the Village, and then a stroll around my alma mater, NYU. Ah, memories.

Quick trip to the Bronx high school where I used to teach. 'Twas great to see my former colleagues. The school seems more orderly than when I left it, but there's still a sense of hopelessness and tension, like something could go wrong any second and a riot will break out. God, I am so glad I left that job.

And finally- stayed over last night at the home of Miriam B, a member of my posse. Miriam sells scented candles and I had a great time sitting on her dining room floor, smelling all the wonderful candles and picking out ones I wanted (Chayyei Sarah is very into using the five senses . . . ). My home is now going to smell like spiced pumpkin, macintosh orchard, tulips, banana nut bread, lemon, and oatmeal raisin cookies (not all at once). Plus Miriam gave me, as a special gift, a candle that smells just like Drakkar Noir - it's not as good as a man, but better than nothing. I totally brake for Drakkar. Wow, $50 worth of wonderful scents. I'm so excited! And she wrapped up a beautiful set of candles for me to give to Shelley. Go Miriam! Go candles!

Today: Lunch with old college friend Jeremy S., and tonight is the big rendezvous for my friends. Yay!

I loooooooove New York!

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