Monday, November 29, 2004

My Materialistic Chanukah Wish List

(Because I know that so many of my readers are really, really wealthy, and can't wait to offload some of their liquid assets by buying me presents.)

1. A laptop computer (don't forget the DVD player, ethernet card, whatever I need to use WiFi access, and enough USB ports for all my "stuff.") Please load it with a Microsoft package that is in English, but can recognize (and preferably type) Hebrew characters.

2. A teabox. You know, those pretty boxes you use to display teabags, each flavor of tea in its own compartment? It doesn't have to be fancy. I just don't want to have to dump a bunch of different boxes of tea onto my Shabbat table.

3. The soundtrack to "Garden State"

4. The debut albums of . . . I hesitate to admit this . . . Britney Spears, *NSYNC, and Christina Aguilera (see my previous post re: dancing to 80's pop music).

5. A trip to Greece

6. Scented candles. I'm partial to spicy flavors in the winter -- Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Spiced Pear, etc-- and floral flavors for the summer. Also, anything with Vanilla!
UPDATE: Spiced Pear has been "retired" by the Yankee Candle Company (noooooooo!!!!), but I happen to like their Tulip scented candles, and the Spiced Pear is still available on ebay. Or you can just visit the site of my friend and Personal Candle Consultant, Miriam, who knows exactly which products I covet and will give you a discount if you mention Chayyei Sarah.

7. Any CD of Enya music (I own none)

8. A complete set of fleishik dishes (8 place settings) - big plates, dessert plates, salad plates, bowls- and a matching tablecloth. I'm tired of using paper for Shabbat! China is unnecessary. Just real, matching plateware.

9. A European-size washing machine, preferably front-loading (but top-loading works, too). And I'd take a dryer, even though there isn't a space for me to put it in right now.

10. A blender/mixer, the kind that crushes ice, so I can make shakes (and creamy soups).

11.A set of those Tupperware containers that you put in your fridge, and they have little holes, and you use them to keep vegetables fresh, like, forever.

12. A copy of The Kosher Palette

13. Barring a laptop (see #1), a sleek, slim flat-screen monitor, to replace the clunky 10-year-old monster I'm using right now.

14. All the materials needed to transform my room into a 70's sanctuary: A huge disco ball, shag carpeting, lava lamps, (satin) bedding in psychedelic colors, curtains to match the bedding, and one of those bead curtains for the door. (Note: I want either all of it, or none. The whole thing has to pull together, or it will cross the line from "eccentric retro" to "college dorm room." OK, I'd take a lava lamp.)

15. Any album by Billie Holiday (other than Greatest Hits, which I already have)

16. A copy of this book.

17. A little carry-on size suitcase with wheels, for when I go away for Shabbat.

18. An oven thermometer, a meat thermometer, and a turkey baster (for next Thanksgiving! It would come in handy!)

19. A car. It doesn't have to be a new car, or a fancy car. It just has to function. If you could include insurance, registration, tune-ups, repairs, gas, and parking expenses, that would be fabulissimo!

To be continued, if I think of other things . . .


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