Sunday, November 14, 2004

Send her some prayers and love!

For the 3 people who have not been following the drama and laughs over at Chez Miscarriage, our dear blogger Getupgrrl and her amazing-sounding husband have decided to switch doctors and do one more round of fertility-hormones-to-get-some-eggs-from-her-poor-battered-body cycle. Only this time, they will put the eggs into a gestational surrogate (the one about whom Getupgrrl's Jewish Mother loudly proclaimed in a restaraunt, "if that nice woman gives us a grandchild, I'm going to buy her one of those imitation Louis Vuitton bags.") If this cycle doesn't work, Getupgrrl has decided to quit trying with her eggs and go on to an egg donor.

So, please go over to Chez Miscarriage and send loving thoughts and prayers that this cycle works, because there are a lot of people really hoping that this baby has Getupgrrl's humor, sensitivity, and writing genes. And Getupgrrl is on an emotional tightrope right now.

[Please don't go over there to troll with comments about how really she should adopt, or "should" do this or "should" do that. She's considered all the options carefully. Getupgrrl, her husband, and the surrogate all sound like very special people. Let's support her in where she is!]

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