Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chayyei Sarah's Annual Birthday Wish List

Ah, summer. The distant humming of honey bees in the clover, the laughter of children playing in a sprinkler, the smell of suntan lotion. Summer. Season of sand, surf, and tension in the Middle East. Also, the season of my birthday.

Yes, my friends, it is that time of year again. Time to remind you that I spend many, many hours maintaining this blog. Time to urge you to take a moment to ask yourselves "What have I done for Sarah lately?" Time to tell you what I want for my birthday, which is on August 18.

  • I'm still hankering for these CDs. I know it's crazy. I can't help myself. I love pop music. What can I do? ***UPDATE: Some readers calling themselves the Bruin Boy Bunch bought me "Celebrity" and "No Strings Attached"! So now I just need the debut album! Thanks, Bruin Boy Bunch!***
  • Something practical to help me with my freelancing. ***UPDATE: I got this from a reader! Thanks, Jacqueline Schutt!***
  • If anyone wants to tape CSI and/or Without a Trace for me sometimes and send me the videos, that would be great. Or get it off your chest here and here.
  • Ooooooh, how I miss Redbook. And Glamour. And People. And Newsweek. And Time. And international subscriptions are more than a poor freelancing girl can afford . . . . but how she misses them . . . .
  • What wouldn't Sarah do for a really high-quality digital camera, with a good zoom lens. She goes north during a war with Lebanon. Shouldn't she have a new camera?
  • My kingdom for a laundry dryer.

Think it over.

Gasp! I almost forgot one of my favorite magazines! This is the best Shabbat reading ever! Please buy me a subscription!

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