Sunday, August 13, 2006

Please tell me I'm missing something

OK, let me get this straight:

A cease-fire is supposed to take effect tomorrow morning.

But neither the Lebanese army nor an international “peace-keeping” force will arrive in south Lebanon for at least a week, possibly more.

What does anyone think Hezballah will be doing during that week?

Until those other forces arrive, the Israeli army plans to stay in south Lebanon . . . to do what, exactly, if they are supposed to “cease firing”?

Hezballah says they will continue to fire on whatever Israeli soldiers remain in Lebanon.

So, we can expect that for at least the next week, Hezballah will fire on Israeli soldiers, and those soldiers will fire back.

What’s supposed to happen tomorrow, again?

Oh, maybe Hezballah will stop firing rockets onto northern Israel . . . ?

But, why should they? The cease-fire agreement is not between Israel and Hezballah, but between Israel and Lebanon. Hezballah has made no promises to stop attacking Israel. We're relying on other people to stop them, people who won't arrive for at least a week.

And . . . we’re supposed to believe that Lebanon and an international “peace-keeping” force will do a better job than they were the last few years, while Hezballah was collecting arms under their noses, because . . . . . ?

Is it just my imagination, or does this cease-fire agreement help Israel not at all, none whatsoever, and simply give Hezballah carte blanche to continue doing what it’s been doing the last few years?

Am I totally off base in predicting that a few years from now, possibly less, Israel and Lebanon will just go through the same process we just went through this summer? Is it just me, or does this cease-fire have absolutely no benefit to anyone, Israeli or Lebanese, except Hezballah?

Perhaps I’m missing something? I really hope to God that I’m missing something.

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