Saturday, February 07, 2004

I’m a 31-year-old religious Jewish woman (named Sarah, duh) who recently moved from Manhattan to Jerusalem, Israel.

“Chayyei Sarah” started out as an e-newsletter I sent to my friends once a week for about a year. That was, oh, eight years ago. Each week I included an update of what had gone on with me that week, a list of “mazal tovs,” and a quote-of-the-week. It actually got forwarded around quite a bit, so in addition to the navel-gazing I did every Thursday night while writing it, I also got the ego boost of meeting new people and having them say “Wait a second, you’re Chayyei Sarah!” That was so cool.

When I moved to Israel, I started posting updates about my life, under the title “Chayyei Sarah,” on my personal webpage, so that my friends and family back in the U.S. could share in the experiences in my new life. But I realized that:

a) I was uncomfortable having my blog on the same site as photos of myself, and my full name and

b) I wanted my readers to be able to comment; what fun is a blog if it isn’t interactive?

Thanks to Blogger and Blogspot, Chayyei Sarah has officially entered Internet Land. Thanks for visiting! In the future, I’ll post not only updates of my goings-on but also my political opinions, media watches (I’m a freelance journalist by trade), fun links, and more. In other words, I’ll post whatever I feel like writing about, that my clients wouldn’t publish. There’s always something new in Chayyei Sarah.

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