Sunday, February 22, 2004

Just woke up. They are saying on the radio that there was another bus bombing this morning. The announcer says that there are 30 casualties; I'm not sure how many of those are fatalities. All that and have online right now is that a bombing happened in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Rechavia, and that there are casualties.

The fact that I'm posting this obviously indicates that I'm OK. I can't think of anyone I'm close with who may have been on a bus in Rechavia at this hour. Hm. Except one of my coworkers. I'll check to see if she's OK.

This is going to put a sort of surreal damper on the interviews I will conduct this morning with TelAviv-area hotel managers about the proms they'll be hosting in the spring. Proms have become a trend in Israel's central region over the last 5 years -- it's probably the only time in an Israeli's life that they wear a tuxedo or ball gown.

Welcome to Israel. Blown-up bus and conversations about the prom on the same day.

I'm personally doing OK, but when I think about how many people out there have a loved one who got onto a bus this morning that goes through Rechavia, and right now do not know whether that person is alive, or dead, or hanging between the two, it's really sad.

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