Thursday, February 19, 2004

My friend Chava directed me to this fascinating article in yesterday's New York Times, about a man who has never eaten in a restaurant. A Jewish man in New York City who has never eaten in a restaurant. But wait till you see why.

I'd also like to direct you all to this great site that has a hysterical series of short movies about being laid off. It is highly entertaining. Just click here and then press the big "start" button to watch "Laid Off: A Day in the Life." I suggest that you then follow the links (under "Cartoons") to "Laid Off: Help Wanted," "Laid Off: Annual Report" and "Laid Off: Vacation Day." They are all great. (However, they do get somewhat progressively off-color, so if you are extremely frum about these things, then don't bother watching this.)

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