Monday, February 23, 2004

So last night I'm reading the New York Times' coverage of yesterday's bus bombing, and lo and behold, a friend of mine is quoted:

"It was a fireball — smoke, windows shattered," said Moshe Matitya, 38, who witnessed the attack from his car about 15 feet away. "People fell out, bodies fell out, parts of bodies."

Then, he said, "People started pushing their way out, a lot of them with blood all over them."

Wo. Moshe! Moshe and his wife, Rivka, and 3 adorable kids comprise one of my favorite local families. They are the family I call if I haven't been invited to a Shabbat meal by Thursday night. Moshe and Rivka were crazy enough to come to my Star Wars party. They are two of the most good-natured people I know. Moshe! Only 15 feet away!

Today I called them and physically Moshe is fine. He went to the hospital afterward because, in case you later suffer something like ringing in your ears, it's important for insurance purposes to be on the list of bystanders to a terrorist attack. He told me that he was on his way home from dropping off one of his daughters at school, was about to make a left turn and was watching the bus when it blew up.

Can you imagine? You're looking at a bus to see if you can make your turn, and boom. It explodes and body parts and blood are everywhere.

The thought of it makes me feel tired and sad.

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