Wednesday, August 17, 2005


One of the gratifying things about blogging is discovering that sometimes, people enjoy my posts so much or find something in them so interesting that they post links to my blog posts on their blogs. Then people comment at their blog, or come to mine to comment, and a dialogue ensues, and that is what makes this great big adventure we call the blogosphere so interesting and often fun (or, at the very least, engaging).

Not to name names, but another blog, a group site, recently lifted this post of mine whole hog and re-posted it as their own, photo, caption, and all, verbatim, with no link to Chayyei Sarah. Not even an attribution. Not even something along the lines of "we got this from some other blog, we're not telling you which one, but just know we didn't make this up ourselves." Nothing.

I hate that.

I posted what I think is a polite comment thanking them for the flattering imitation, but could they please post a link or at least attribution? A full day later no change has been made to the post; perhaps they are relying on their readers to read my comment and say "oh, look at that, Chayyei Sarah posted the same exact post several hours before these people did. Thanks, Chayyei!"

Or maybe the bloggers just don't care.

Either way, I acknowledge that if all my problems are like this in the future, I will have a very good life.

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