Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ze blogroll . . . she is updated!


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Some additions, some subtractions, some re-organization, some updating of links. Let me know if any of the links don't work.

If your blog is not included, it does not mean I do not like it. It just means that I try to include only those blogs that I actually read on a regular basis, and I simply don't have time to read every blog in the blogosphere! Take nothing personally, my friends. There is a reason that God created both chocolate and vanilla.

Please advise me, dear readers, whether I should leave the "recent posts" and "archives" sections where they are, or move them to the bottom of the sidebar. Do people really use those sections? Feedback, please!

Oops! Almost forgot this delectable blog, devoted to one of the world's almost-perfect foods: the CUPCAKE!!!
I say "almost-perfect" because in my mind, the only purpose for cake in this universe is to hold up the frosting.
But, man oh man, do those cupcakes look delicious . . . I will add this site to my blogroll straight away!

By the way, here's another reason to get married: It's an excuse to serve a cupcake tower. Who wants something boring like a traditional wedding cake, when every guest could be picking their own personal cupcake? And before you say how weird that is, think about it: How can anyone be having a bad time if they are eating a cupcake??? Very few are so hard-hearted as that. No, no! Cupcakes = smiles.

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