Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Every so often when I stop at, I check out the "featured blogs." It's a way to be exposed to lives of people totally outside the realm of my life, to see how other people live differently from the way I do. Anyhow, today I randomly went to "Life at TJ's," which turned out to be the blog of a guy who works at a strip club in the Midwest. The first thing that amazed me about this blog is that it is well-written. The second is that his coworkers -- all these bouncers and waitresses and strippers-- turn out to be real people with real lives and feelings. It's fascinating.

But then what amazed me -- this is for the "sad but true" category -- is that the discourse in the comments on that blog are more civil than the ones at Protocols these days. What a chillul Hashem that site has become. I could write more but I think the site speaks for itself.

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