Friday, June 18, 2004

Via My Urban Kvetch, here's an insufferable article about Madonna.

You know, I'm happy that Madonna has found some spirituality and that she has changed and grown. Really, I am. But the concept of her, for example, taking on the Hebrew name "Esther" so that she'll have the "energy" of another name, while not dissimilar from ideas in mainstream Judaism, sounds, from her, so plastic and new-agey that it could only have come out of Los Angeles.

Besides her calling Kabbalah "incredibly punk rock" and suggesting that by believing in it, one can achieve immortality (there was an article about this somewhere . . . about how the Kabbalah Center is telling people that if they follow Kabbalah they can live forever . . . does anyone remember where that was?), and besides her having the presumption to give characters in her books typical Orthodox names like Binah and Yakov, there is this horrible, horrible line, which may be the fault of the copy editor:

I pray every day and I believe that it is a very powerful way to communicate, to heal, to affect change.


Effect change! E-ffect.

Check it out! I post something about Madonna and Kabbalah and within hours the New York Times posts this article on their website. As Keanu Reeves would say, "Whoa." It must be . . . uh . . . karma!

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