Sunday, June 27, 2004

Well, the Shabbaton was a very nice event. The people were very normal, all the same age range and basic religious wavelength, and, for the most part, socially competent, which is an unusual combination. I enjoyed meeting the people, and the event was well-organized. Overall, a positive experience.

Will it lead to anything? Who knows. No one asked me for my phone number, but the organizers had announced that they'll help "connect" people after the Shabbaton, if anyone calls asking for other participants' phone numbers. And there wasn't much time between havdala and my departure from the event, as my ride was leaving.

So, who knows.

All I have to say is, after a year in Israel I've come to the conclusion that what they suggest in the movies is true: Men with French, Italian, or South American blood in them really do have a certain "it" quality.

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