Monday, June 14, 2004

The good news: I got my VCR to work, all by myself. Turns out that I had to use my TV remote to go into the TV's menu and do this complicated thing, which I'm not sure what it means but intuitively I figured out what to do. So now my tapes work, hurrah!

The bad news: I was up all night, sick as a dog. Since I was sick a few weeks ago, I'm nervous about "calling in sick" to work. Would they believe that I'm really sick this much? I've got 4 articles to submit on Thursday morning, plus 3 small freelance assignments due next week. Meanwhile, the only thing I'm ingesting is water, and even that is sort of iffy. I really would rather spend the next day or two in bed, moaning. But a girl has to earn a living.

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