Saturday, June 05, 2004

OK, so, like, this is so weird, man.

A few nights ago I noticed that when I went into the Blogger system to change the "template" for Chayyei Sarah -- ie to go into the HTML and tweak a few things -- it didn't pull up all the code, only the code for the stupid banner at the top. So I wrote to the Blogger people saying "um, hello, I see my blog, I can hear my blog, and I can taste my blog, but the code . . . it ain't there! Where'd it go?"

So they send me an automatic response that's all "we got your message and will write back soon." Whatever.

Next thing you know, my blog is down! Well, not the whole blog. But everything after the stupid banner, was down!

So I wrote again, this time with the subject "Emergency! My blog is down!"

This time they wrote back a few days later (like, yesterday maybe), saying "Sorry, but we lost your template. We found your posts, but your template is gone."

So, you'll notice, friends, that all those nice links I had up for, like, 10 minutes on the right-hand side are now gone forever. And unfortunately, I did not save the code in another document.

So now I have to go reconstruct all the links.

Fie on Blogger. Shimmy's suggestion that I switch to LiveJournal is looking more attractive every day.

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