Monday, June 21, 2004

So I was just poking around on a site with a bulletin board on which some mega, MEGA Harry Potter fans had shot trivia questions at each other. It was pretty frightening, the details these people remember about Harry Potter. Of course, I'm the one who throws Star Wars parties just to have worthy opponents in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, so I can't call the kettle black.

One fascinating thing came up, though. It seems that in book 2, Nearly Headless Nick is celebrating his 500th deathday party, and he mentions at some point that he died in 1492. Which means that book 2 takes place in 1992. Which means that Harry was born in 1980. Which means that this July 31st, Harry Potter turns 24 years old! Whoa! Wait! Where is he? Did he become an Auror after all? Is he married to Ginny Weasley? How'd he kill Voldemort?

Oh, man, I gotta get some sleep.

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