Monday, August 02, 2004

From the Things My Shaliach Definitely Never Told Me file:

I hate beer. So on Shabbos afternoon, when my Israeli neighbor Nechama invited me in for a beer, I was like "uh, no thanks." She said she understood, and introduced me to a drink called a "shendy," which is beer mixed with diet Sprite.

It was delicious! She said that you can acquire a taste for beer by slowly decreasing the percentage of Sprite in your shendies. Honestly, I don't see why I should try to acquire a taste for beer. The stuff is vile. But Shendies are terrific.

Now, if I ever go to a bar, I'll have something I can order.

The last time I was in a bar was for Ephi's leaving-New-York-to-move-to-Atlanta party. That was so long ago. He's already been back in New York for a while. At the party, Ephi looked at me holding a drink in my hand and said "Sarah! You? With a drink?!?"

I said, "Ephi. It's a coke."

And he sighed and smiled, gratified that the world had not turned upside-down on him.

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