Monday, August 23, 2004

Susan on "Garden State"

I just got this email from my friend Susan and received her permission to reprint it here. Consider it an update to this post.
I saw "Garden State" yesterday. I liked it a lot -- it was very true to life, definitely quirky, and cute. They use a lot of foul language, which I didn't like, and there were some other scenes that bothered me, but nothing horrible -- more depressing than anything else. Overall, however, it was definitely a creative, fun movie with some very touching moments. I really like Natalie in her role -- I actually wasn't so crazy about her before. And the music is very good -- did anyone buy you the soundtrack? And Zach Braff -- oh, what an adorable Jewish boy-next-door panim. And those eyes -- I'm melting. He even put some blatant Jewish references in his movie.

It's Elul, Zach. Teshuvah season. My shul has lots of empty seats.

I'll even invite you over for brisket and honey cake. Not that I've ever made either of those things, but for you, Zach, I will learn.

Susan said that she was "channeling Esther Kustanowitz when I wrote this."

I'm interested in hearing from other women whether you share Susan's, uh, enthusiasm for Zach Braff's panim and eyes, etc. To me, he's the sort of guy I'd probably find very attractive in real life, but I don't find him particularly stunning for a movie star. But maybe when I see the film I'll feel differently. Some guys have a "presence" that gives them more zsa zsa zsu than do their looks alone.

By the way, as far as I know, no one has bought me the soundtrack yet. My Hebrew birthday isn't until Thursday, so there is still time . . . .

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