Friday, August 13, 2004

What a wonderful evening I just had.

My dear, dear friend Ephi is in from the States. We met this afternoon in Tel Aviv and took a taxi to a nice restaurant in Yaffo, where we feasted on couscous dishes in various excellent sauces. Then we strolled to the beach, where the sun was setting, a huge orange ball suspended over the blue Mediterranean water. As the sun went down, we walked along the promenade, talking and laughing and exclaiming repeatedly that the sea is so beautiful and we couldn't believe we were both there (and Ephi exclaiming repeatedly that he couldn't believe I'd never been to the beach in Tel Aviv).

After dark we took off our sandals and strolled back -- it must have been about two miles-- in the sand, in the water, on the promenade, back to the water . . . the water was warm and splashed up to our knees. Ephi was a mensch and carried my bag for me. Finally, close to 11 pm, we ended up at a beach restaurant, in chairs facing the sea, resting and talking and running our toes through the sand for about 45 minutes, until I left to catch the last bus back to Jerusalem.

The whole thing was so beautiful and romantic and comfortable. Ephi is such a great guy. And, he's very handsome.

sigh . . . . If only he were attracted to women.

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