Sunday, August 15, 2004

On one of the listserves to which I subscribe, someone posted a notice about the creation of this website, with an interactive quiz about diabetes. Since I have, unfortunately, almost every risk factor for diabetes, I went right over and took the quiz. (I also have almost every risk factor for skin cancer, which is unfortunate since I love the beach.)

I did very well on the "Diabetes Basics," and "Exercise and Fitness" sections. Also on the "Stress and Relaxation" part I got almost every question right, even though I had no idea that high levels of stress can affect one's glucose levels. Who knew?

Yet one more reason to try and maintain one's mental equilibrium! I'm going to start practicing right now, given how annoyed I am by some of the comments on my post about my non-date with Ephi.

Deep breath . . . woooooooo . . . . deep breath . . . . wooooooo . . . . .

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