Thursday, August 26, 2004

In Memory of Jenny, Mikey, Miss Steiff, Seth, and Aaron

Well, I took all your suggestions and considered them carefully, but deep down I knew what I wanted to do.

I called the Orthodox Union Israel Center today and spoke with someone who runs a group called NESTO- Native English-Speaking Teenage Olim. I'd heard that over the years it's sort of morphed into a group that has a lot of very troubled kids-- serious rebellion, bad economic circumstances, lots of dysfunctional families, etc etc. Kids who need help. I don't know if all the kids are in that situation, but that's the reputation it has.

I told them how I used to work for NCSY (and gave them names of OU people who could serve as references-- please, no Lanner jokes, OK? It's not funny) and how I'd been a teacher in the Bronx, and asked if they would consider matching me with a "little sister" for me to meet with once a week -- you know, to help her with her homework, take her out to the movies, etc.

The guy in charge was ecstatic that I'd called, and said he'd definitely look into it -- but that most of their activities were in groups, and would I consider volunteering to come to the group events, too? Because they need help. I said sure.

So, he's going to get back to me after they make their schedule for the new school year, and we'll talk about whether I'll come to group stuff or adopt a "little sister," or maybe some of both.

I feel good! And I feel that Jenny, Seth, Aaron, Mikey, and Miss Steiff will help to arrange things so that I end up where I'm supposed to be, either doing group things or with one girl. Because this is for them. And for me.

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