Monday, September 05, 2005

And now for something completely different.

I just noticed that of the last 35 or so posts on my blog, more than 30 have been about something depressing. The disengagement, hurricane, my non-birthday, Jewish terrorism (I mention that just to annoy you, Yitz), students setting themselves on fire, the destruction of Jerusalem . . . I'm starting to feel like Eyore. You see me coming, run away.

So, now that help has finally arrived in New Orleans and things there are moving in the right direction, finally (even though I know that there is a loooong way to go for all those poor people who have lost everything they owned, and it's still stunning that an entire city has pretty much been wiped away) here are a few things to bring some cheer (some in a subversive way, but still):

1. For those who follow such things, Odd Todd has put up a new Tuesday Morning Coff-ay Show.

2. For those who follow such things, Amy Winfrey, creator of Muffin Films, has posted episode 19 of "Making Fiends" AND the results of her "Making Fiends" art contest.

3. Write about your favorite date here.

4. Newborn babies here.

5. Remember to look at yummy cupcakes every day here.

6. Check the blog again soon for my birthday wish list! My birthday is in 8 more days!

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