Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You win some, you lose some

Well now, I have to admit, as a reflective person and professional writer, that my blog work on Hurricane Katrina has been far below the level which my readers deserve. I am talented, it seems, at writing about singles Shabbatons (yes!) and disengagements from Gaza (more or less), but hurricanes are not my thing.

So, I'm going to do the right thing and bring your attention to other bloggers who have been doing a much better job at this than I have been.

Dov Bear, our liberal-to-the-end blog friend, has lots of good information (including interesting links) and juicy arguments going on in his comments about who is to blame for the humiliating lack of organization in post-Katrina rescue and cleanup, and about theodicy. He's been blogging so much about Katrina I'm starting to worry about his obsessive tendencies. :-)

Lots of great links and reflections at the blog of our dear Orthomom, whose blog proves that you can be a mom and still have all sorts of intelligent things to say. :-)

Miriam (scroll down to the Katrina stuff) also has a good theodicy post and interesting reflections about various aspects of the hurricane and its aftermath.

Read, learn, reflect, pray . . . and hope I do something wild and crazy like go on another singles Shabbaton, so you'll have something interesting to read here!

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