Monday, September 26, 2005

Bunny Therapy

Step 1: Go to the pet store on Emek Refaim Street and pat the bunnies. Let the one which likes to lick anything that moves lick your hand. Watch the little kids who come in pat the bunnies. Watch one of the bunnies lie there very still and resigned, trying to sleep while Licker bunny licks his face. Watch the guinea pigs for a minute. Pat the bunnies some more.

Step 2: Go next door to the Steimatzsky bookstore and buy a copy of "Givat Vahtairsheep," the Hebrew translation of Richard Adams' classic epic novel, Watership Down, the English version of which is sitting on your shelf, tattered from multiple readings and very much loved.

Step 3: Take the book home, get into bed, skip to your favorite part, and start reading.

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