Sunday, September 25, 2005

Welcome to everyone who is here via!

I am so excited to be today's "Sunday's Blogger"! Thanks, tOdd!

Just to catch everyone up on who I am, my name is Sarah, I'm 33, and I moved two years ago from the USA to Jerusalem. I work as a freelance writer, mainly journalism. This blog is about my observations and adventures as an American in Israel, my dating (mis)adventures (see the post directly before this one . . . ), and a hodgepodge of political opinions, musings, interesting links, and news about my friends and family. Welcome! Please visit any time!

Every so often I'll sprinkle my posts with Hebrew words, which I often forget to translate, and references to Jewish culture which I may forget to explain . . . if there's anything you want me to decipher, just let me know in the comments section. I'll try to be better about explaining the confusing stuff.

(By the way, the title of my blog alludes to the verse in Genesis that says "And Sarah lived 100 years and 20 years and 7 years; these are the years of 'chayyei Sarah'" -- the life of Sarah" Get it? My blog? My life? Life of Sarah . . . Chayyei Sarah. OK. Whatever.)

By the way, even though I live in Israel, my life can be extraordinarily . . . ordinary. Seriously, whatever you see on the news, I'm not spending my life dodging bullets. If you want to see English-language Israeli blogs with more real-life incidences that are connected to news events, I recommend this blog (American living in the West Bank) and this one (Canadian in Tel Aviv; often goes to exciting places like Gaza and Jordan in her work as a reporter).Or check out my blogroll to the right ------->

Here's a list of links to my almost-world-famous series of posts about the singles' event from hell.

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Please come again!

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