Friday, September 23, 2005

Happy Happy Tidings!

Yay! My sister is expecting a new baby! I'm going to be a Doda times three! And finally I have permission to tell people and post it on my blog! Yay! (bli ayin hara, poo poo poo)

Mazal tov to my good friend and former roommate, Shoshana Levin (formerly of Atlanta and Los Angeles, currently of London, Ontario) on her engagement to Ben Kohen-Kadosh (formerly of Shiraz, Iran, currently of Brooklyn, New York). Yay!

Mazal tov to my old college buddies, Ezra Robison and Ziva Mann Robison (who also was my roommate, long ago in the days of the Music Suite) on the birth of Akiva Meir on September 11. Mazal tov also to big brother Elisha.

Mazal tov to "Chani" and "Moshe," the nice couple I met at the infamous Singles Shabbaton, on the birth of a baby girl a few weeks ago. It appears that after struggling with infertility for a while, Chani got pregnant sometime around the time of the Shabbaton. They tell me that they think our visit to the grave of Rabbi Akiva may have helped. I'm so glad to know that something good came out of that Shabbaton. Yay, miracle baby!

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